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Functional Medicine

To compliment or physical medicine services, function medicine provides a more personalized approach that is focused on prevention as much as treatment. Even chronic ailments that patients once thought they’d simply have to endure without any answers are addressed through functional medicine. Using many of the diagnostic technologies and professional expertise founded in the approach of physical medicine as a springboard, functional medicine is designed to incorporate treatment into the daily life of the patient. The result is a natural relief of chronic conditions and prevention of further maladies that can be controlled through the functional medicine approach.

Food Sensitivity Testing
Food sensitivity testing can provide extra special insight into the environmental factors and everyday choices that not only aggravate but cause numerous chronic conditions. Food sensitivities and allergies can often go undiagnosed as the triggers are not always clear and consistent. Our professional medical team and advanced testing capabilities help us tie triggers to symptoms and get you on a plan to alleviate your symptoms—naturally and without medication.

Adrenal Stress Index Panel
Your adrenal system plays a role in your energy levels, sleep quality, digestion, bone, muscle and joint health, as well as immune and thyroid function. If your adrenal system in not functioning optimally, it can result in any number of conditions. By taking an adrenal stress index panel, improper function can be determined and treatment can be planned. This test is essential for anyone experiencing chronic conditions that don’t seem to have any explanation or response to typical treatments. Our medical team will perform a full assessment and get you on track towards relief.

Metabolic Testing
Metabolic testing can give you invaluable insight into your body’s internal performance. By determining the efficiency in which your body burns calories and processes nutrients, issues with weight loss, digestion and other problems can be addressed more accurately and efficiently. Our metabolic testing capabilities go hand in hand with many of our other nutritional services and our medically supervised weight loss program.

Gastrointestinal Profiles
Through the information revealed by a gastrointestinal profile, a full picture of your body’s digestive processes is produced. With this information we can detect the balance between good and bad digestive microbes, nutrient absorption, presence of parasites and more causes of poor digestive health. This testing capability is complimentary to nutritional services and food sensitivity plans.

Hormone Tests
Hormone tests can determine the function of the thyroid and reveal abnormal hormone function, which can result in any number of health issues, from fatigue to growth problems. The hormone activity in your body can promote or interfere with other treatments, which is why hormone and thyroid tests are an essential that should be undergone on a regular basis, even if you’re not experiencing a specific relative condition.

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